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Decoration / Design

We design and create the image of your wedding, recreating in every detail the ambiance that you want to envelop that special day. We help you translate what you want to convey, providing solutions and ideas that will delight you.

We take care of the detail to offer an unforgettable day to you and your guests.

Service of decoration and design for any type of event.

Cost of service: 1.500 € (materials and VAT not included)


If you have already thought the details of your wedding, but that day you want to enjoy, without worries, it is best to leave it in our hands. We will coordinate all your ideas, so that on that day you will enjoy the tranquility that everything will turn out well. Now, you can laugh, kiss and enjoy your day.

If you have an organized event, but you need that day to be unconcerned and that everything goes well, we will make it easy for you.

Our coordination service is designed for that, we take care that everything goes well.

Cost of service: 1.000 € (materials and VAT not included)

Organization (Decoration/Design + Coordination)

Are you thinking of taking the big step? For from this very moment we can begin to work together.

This service includes everything you will need for your wedding. From finding a location, to the details of a themed wedding, decor, invitations, souvenirs, menu and endless things.

A source of ideas so that together, we can give shape to your desires.

If you want to celebrate something, count on us to make it the event of the year. You will see how easy it is to have an unforgettable experience. And that day leave everything in our hands, because we will also coordinate every detail so that your only task is to enjoy.

Cost of service: 2.300 € (materials and VAT not included)

Materials and VAT not included in prices.